The Burlington Amateur Radio Club is a non-profit. As such we are always looking for donations. Donations can come in the form of money which will help support club activities. We also accept donations of gently used amateur radio equipment and other assorted goods.

If you are not a member of BARC but do use our repeaters please consider making a donation to help keep those machines on the air. Thank you.

To make a financial contribution of $50 or less, feel free to use the PayPal donate option. If larger, please send a check to the BARC Address (Home Page) and notify the Secretary/Treasurer. We are looking at a likely $600 limit per year for Paypal in 2022 without having to process tax documentation. To donate equipment please send an email to Thank you for your generosity!

NOTE: Having trouble with the "DONATE" button in my testing. With your existing PayPal account, you can log in and use the QR code from within. More to come here. EG

BARC is NOT a 501(3)C non-Profit so donation are NOT tax deductible.