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New BARC Staff Members Elected

posted Sep 19, 2011, 7:25 AM by A.J. Murray
This past Friday was the annual meeting where BARC votes in new board and staff members. The top board member positions were unanimously voted to remain the same. Please Welcome back:

Club President - Dave, W1HRG
Club Vice President - John, N1WQS
Club Secretary - Ed, W1OKH
Club Treasurer - John, N1LXI
Club Newsletter Editor - Roger, WA1OZE

In addition to the re-election there were also two new BARC members that took position within the Organization:

Membership Chair - Linda, W1MP
Activities Chair - AJ, N1ZWL

Both are happy and excited about taking on each of these positions. Thanks to everyone that stopped by the meeting Friday. More details about next month's meeting will follow soon!