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BARC members Participate in 2011 SET

posted Nov 26, 2011, 10:17 AM by A.J. Murray
This morning club members A.J., N1ZWL, and Mike, N1FBZ, activated the club station and participated in the 2011 VT Simulated Emergency Test. Since the club station operates from the American Red Cross it naturally drew in simulated traffic. This was a fantastic opportunity to test the club station's preparedness to participatory in Emergency Operations in support of the American Red Cross, ARES and RACES operations. Both A.J. and Mike identified some things that the club could use/do differently in the future. 

Over the SET was a great success. Many stations participated sending back and forth simulated traffic. Nets we run on HF, VHF and UHF. 

Bob, W4YFJ, will be putting together an after action report for the 2011 VT SET. We'll be looking forward to that and the lessons learned. 

Please take some time to make sure that your station is ready for emergency operations as we prepare to head into the winter months!